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Roff - book by Claudine Muno

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Words, visuals and music come together to tell an unforgettable story!

Roff is a book written in Luxembourgish* by Claudine Muno, a multilayered narrative that touches historical topics from the time of the Second World War, revealed through personal accounts. The book examines the questions of identity, migration and inclusion, in which language and culture have a defining role.

Roff has illustrations - beautiful, full-color artistic collages, also created by Muno.

To accompany the book and complement the reading experience, an original music soundtrack was written and recorded by Polish composer Michal Pepol. Michal Pepol visited Luxembourg for a residency dedicated to the creation of Roff’s soundtrack. Claudine Muno showed Michal the places where the story unfolded and shared historical details linked to each one of them.

*with a touch of several other languages, spoken in Luxembourg

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