Openscreen statement on exclusion in culture

Openscreen stands against the war in Ukraine. We are more than concerned about the Ukrainian people and the future of Europe. Additionally, we cannot accept the propaganda and spreading of fake news, created to bring disinformation and distrust.

In this context, we believe that now more than ever we have to be very careful where we draw the line of sanctions and censorship. If we start silencing all Russian voices, we would use similar methods as the ones we oppose. Through culture, we can challenge the status quo but for that, a dialogue is needed. Silencing artists’ voices would not change anything about Europe’s strong dependence on Russian gas.

In this moment, it seems dangerous to politicize culture and use it as a weapon to manipulate society. Before banning Russian artists, we need to make an effort to find out what their view is. Otherwise, we would censure without evidence.

In this sense, it is very delicate for a governing body to intervene in the artistic choice of a cultural entity. After all, we are firmly rooted in a democratic state and art is not supposed to be a play ball of politics.

Openscreen supports equality and democratization in culture. It means equal access, inclusion and open dialogue. They all play a major role in our work. We aim to bring people from different bubbles in Luxembourg together. If we want to overcome cultural differences, we need to learn how to listen to others with an open mind. Without actual contact, we may misjudge. For that reason, we believe it is utterly important that we all think twice before excluding someone.

Our hearts are now with all people in Ukraine and with those in Russia who dare to stand up against the war and the regime!

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