Roff launch at Festival des Migrations

Visitors hopped on our vintage bus for screenings, workshops and precious moments

Festival des Migrations marked the launch of the new book “Roff” by Claudine Muno. It’s Openscreen’s first book, and the story is set in the South of Luxembourg, namely in Petange.

Creating this book was a long journey made possible thanks to the support of the Ministry of Culture. You can learn more about the project, and get the book from our online store. “Roff” will soon enter selected bookstores in Luxembourg.

Our program at “Festival des migrations” was as diverse as the event itself. We hosted plenty of screenings and discussions in our cozy cultural space, the Openscreen bus. We showed short films by amazing creators. It was also in the bus where we held Claudine Muno’s creative writing workshop.

We also created a nice chill out area with beach chairs, headphones and a big screen. This way, everyone who couldn’t get in the bus, could still watch the films and relax in our green zone. Visitors could also browse through our growing vinyl collection, and listen to our most recent audio play release, “Fais Dodo”, in the green chill out zone.

Here are a few photos from the Openscreen area at Festival des migrations 2024:

Openscreen’s participation in Festival des migrations couldn’t have been better! We’d like to thank everyone who visited our space and enjoyed our program. Special thanks to CLAE and Alain Randersy, as well as our team members and volunteers – Carlo, Nick, Mila, Alex, Miriam, Stephanie and Vessela.

Last but not least, thanks a million to the incredible Romain Rech and Frënn vum ale Stater Bus a.s.b.l. for the most beautiful bus on Earth.

We had fun and came up with new ideas for the future, so prepare yourself to be surprised!

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