Openscreen Classic

Openscreen Classic was the initial reason for the creation of Openscreen a.s.b.l. The founding team began holding public screenings of short films as early as 2004, long before setting up the association in 2014.

The main concept and philosophy of Openscreen Classic screenings is: stay open to all filmmakers.

We carry on organizing these screenings and show movies that are not judged and evaluated by a jury.
We don’t put any limitations of artistic expression. There are no rules for your film to get into our program. The only condition is for the film to be up to 20 minutes in length, and free of pornographic content or hate speech.

We do care about the story. And anyone can have a good story to tell. That’s why our screenings are open to all.

Openscreen Classic at LuxFilmFest 2022
Openscreen Classic in Ancien Cinéma, Vianden, 2021

We have had many fruitful partnerships, for example with Luxembourg City Film Festival and Ancien Cinéma, Vianden. We organized events up North in Luxembourg as well as in the South.

This is the other specialty of our Classic events – the location. We like to move and bring stories to different audiences at unexpected places. In the forest, on the roof or in an old cinema, our evenings with short films can always surprise you.

To bring our audience to the place of screening, we usually offer them the option to get on our special old-timer bus.

After each screening, filmmakers and audience can exchange ideas and thoughts on the movies or the creative process and get some feedback and inspiration for the many more stories that come next. This proves to be extremely helpful for both sides because it is done in a totally safe and friendly environment.

If you are a filmmaker, follow us to know when the next Openscreen Classic will be and send us your film at info [at]

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