Open call for Kappkino Grant

It is time to write your audio piece!

Openscreen invites you to create the text for the next Kappkino. You can apply for the Kappkino grant provided by Focuna (Fonds culturel national) until midnight of Sunday, November 28th.

The special scholarship of 5000 euros is allocated for the creation of the text for the next piece in our Kappkino series and there are no age limits for participants.

The only condition is that the author has to be of Luxembourgish nationality or a resident of the Grand Duchy. It is possible to have a co-writer whose name has to be put in the application. The texts can be written in Luxembourgish, German, French and/or English. There could be a multilingual approach to the text, combining all linguistic repertoires of the author/s.

If the grant is awarded to more than one applicant, the sum will be divided between all authors in equal manner. Only one text by an author can be presented per a call. The story must be new and not used for other projects before the application – neither in Luxembourg nor abroad.

The jury will assess the applications in accordance to their innovative approach, originality, multilingual potential. The professional background of the authors and the relevance of their proposal will be taken into account as well.

Authors have to apply directly on . The registration is open until Sunday November 28, 2021 at midnight.

The perfect time for creative work is now!

After holiday season, your mind should be full of fresh ideas and energy. Employ them into writing the new Kappkino story!

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