New: ‘Fais Dodo’ on vinyl is here!

After we broadcasted it on several Belgian radios and presented it at two festivals in Belgium and Czechia, we are happy to announce that ‘Fais Dodo’ is available on vinyl! You can already order the record from our online shop.

The next stage for the project will be live performances planned for next year.

     The text of the audio play is written in French, with some phrases in Czech. It tells the story of a sister (Alice) and a brother (Pavel) who have had a difficult childhood. Their life trajectories followed different paths. Alice had a successful career and lived in a richer quarter of the city. Pavel became a drug addict for whom nobody in Alice’s life knows. Histories of addiction and domestic violence, childhood trauma and the different ways of coping are intertwining in the problematic relationship of the two siblings. They both need a reconciliation with the past and they both walk a long and bumpy road trying to achieve it. But would it be possible?

     Warning: Czech language! Thanks to the music and the special effects, you don’t have to speak any Czech in order to grasp the meaning behind all situations. This affirms our belief that reservations towards the unknown can be put on hold and embracing new experiences with language and culture may only enrich us.

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