Lost Weekend 48h Film Challenge

Lost Weekend 48h film challenge

Lost Weekend 48h Film Challenge

Friday to Sunday 6-8 March 2020

We are eager to see your short films! This year Openscreen and Filmreakter, in cooperation with Luxembourg City Film Festival, are challenging you to get lost in time through filmmaking and creating your masterpiece just for 48 hours. The short film contest will occur during the first weekend of Luxembourg City Film Festival, between 6th and 8th of March.

The project is called Lost Weekend 48h Film Challenge and is open to everyone who can get a team, come up with a great idea and shoot a short film just within 48 hours.

The best movies will be shown during our traditional public screening at the festival, on 12th of March, from 6.30pm on, at Casino Luxembourg – Forum d’art contemporain.

If you dare to create your own short film, you have to register online until 1st of March on lostweekend.lu. Share the news with friends and make them join the ride.

We have invited a special guest who will come to Luxembourg to meet all the winners and see the selected short films.

The Jury Award consists of a musical composition and sound post-production package at the Unison Studios in Differdange. There will also be an Audience Award. You can find the full information regarding the contest on lostweekend.lu.