Full room and 8 amazing films at LuxFilmFest 2024

Openscreen hosted a screening at Luxembourg City Film Festival

Moving personal stories in more than 12 languages, a full room and an awesome discussion with film creators were the highlights of Openscreen’s participation in LuxFilmFest 2024.

As usual in our Openscreen classic series of events, we had put out an open call for short movies. We received eight films on various topics, and as our tradition dictates, we did not rank or discriminate – we included all of them in our playlist for the event.

The films were (in order of showing):

1. “Where the Nereids Hide” by Aikaterini Niniou

2. “La poétique de l’espace” by Lara Well

3. “Um dia ta passa” by Lolo Arziki

4. “Good morning heartache” by Cristina Nuñez and Yassine Aisha War Nuñez

5. “Carlo” by Lukas Grevis

6. “First impressions” by Marco Cliselli and Alex Rollmann

7. “Afroperuvian Hero” by Carlos Tantaleán Sánchez

8. “Porte-Voix” by Lénaïc Brulé and Alborz Teymoorzadeh

Luxembourg City Film Festival has always had a magical atmosphere. The festival always attracts new faces to Openscreen’s events, and we’re sure we will see these wonderful people at our next screening too.

After the last frame, we set up our stage for an interesting and touching discussion. The majority of the film creators, featured in the event, took part in a talk about inclusion, strength and belief.

Some photos from Openscreen’s event:

Many thanks to Luxembourg City Film Festival for this partnership and the opportunity to get together with our Openscreen tribe!

If you are a creator and would like to show your film at one of our events – don’t hesitate to reach out. We are always planning our next screening.

And if you like our work, you can support us at: https://ko-fi.com/openscreen
Our bank account is: CCP LU26 1111 7030 8024 0000

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