We Are Openscreen

Openscreen a.s.b.l. is a Luxembourgish cultural association, which has a convention with the Ministry of Culture.

We focus our efforts on promoting inclusion and diversity through cultural work.

Embracing multilingualism and encouraging intercultural dialogue in all our work
Working with diverse art forms and formats using an interdisciplinary approach
Bringing culture to people in different parts of the country and outside of Luxembourg, connecting Luxembourgish productions with new audiences
Giving an open platform to all filmmakers to show their short films or documentaries and engaging the audience in meaningful discussions at each event
Building international network of likeminded co-creators

It all started with open screenings of short films in unexpected places. In 2014 the main drivers behind Openscreen, Tanja Frank and Carlo Thiel, founded the A.s.b.l. together with Tim Meiers and Claude Grosch. From then on Openscreen has grown and developed several different projects. 

The classic screenings continue under the name Openscreen Classic. They are still open to all filmmakers and take place at interesting locations.

The other big project of Openscreen is the series of audio plays called Kappkino. The concept of Kappkino was created by Tanja Frank and from the beginning in 2017 Openscreen has already produced three audio plays plus a vinyl with theatre music.

In 2021 Openscreen started the series Doc & Talk with screenings of documentaries followed by discussions with the filmmakers and the audience.

The fourth project of Openscreen is the multilingual book Roff, combining text, collages and original music.

In 2022 Tanja Frank stepped down as President of Openscreen and Vessela Vencheva assumed the role of Director. 

The present committee of Openscreen includes:

Maria Papamargariti, President

Frédéric Zeimet, Treasurer

Carlo Thiel, Secretary

Tanja Frank continues supporting the association. Tim Meiers and Nikola Todorov are honorary members and voluntary supporters. 

Openscreen Classic

A platform open to all filmmakers and short film lovers! Our screenings always have something to surprise you.
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Series of audio plays. A magical experience on vinyl, live performance, or radio broadcast. Enter our genre-defying universe.
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Doc & Talk

Series of documentary screenings, followed by insightful discussions.
Food for thought for creators and audience.
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Multilingual book, accompanied by an original soundtrack. It all starts in the South of Luxembourg…
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