12 June: Catherine Dauphin and Igor Orozovič perform Kappkino live in Echternach

Don’t miss the unique audio experience, tickets for “Fais Dodo” are in sale now

Is your imagination ready to play cinema in your head?

We are happy and proud to announce the live performance of Kappkino – “Fais Dodo”, which will take place in Trifolion, Echternach, on 12 June 2024.

This event will immerse the audience in a one-of-a-kind experience. Staying true to the Kappkino concept, the play is performed without any visual stimuli – people are free to create the movie in their heads.

In the darkened hall of Trifolion, Echternach, visitors will hear the piece performed live by Luxembourgish actress Catherine Dauphin and Czech actor Igor Orozovič. The soundscape and special effects will be played in real time by our sound designer, Charles Stolz. Together with them on stage will be the composer of the music – Grégoire Baumberger, who will perform it live on 12 June.

The text of “Fais Dodo” is written by Jana Montorio. Director of the audio piece is Lucie Orbók. The performance at Trifolion will be held with the special support of the Czech Embassy in Luxembourg.

Tickets are in sale now, for a standard price of 15€ (more options, such as group tickets, Kulturpass and reduced rate are available). Get your tickets here.

The story of “Fais Dodo”

Our most recent audio piece from the Kappkino series, “Fais Dodo”, tells the story of Alice, a young woman who seemingly managed to make a good life for herself, despite the haunting shadows of her past. Yet the perfect picture shatters when Alice’s estranged brother Pavel suddenly comes back into her life.

More ways to enjoy Kappkino:

If you like the concept of our Kappkino series and wish to take the magic home, our stories are available on vinyl records that you can get in our store. Thanks to our partners at Trifolion, the vinyl with “Fais Dodo” is available at their ticket shop too.

And if you like our work, you can support us at: https://ko-fi.com/openscreen
Our bank account is: CCP LU26 1111 7030 8024 0000

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